kid’s circus adventure art camp



kid’s circus adventure art camp @ trail’s end art association     Gearhart, OR

July 20-24 (Ages 7-12) 9-1     FILLED! for 2015
Kid’s Circus Adventure Art Camp
Kathy Karbo and Sarah Ferguson
The theme this summer is a zany Circus Adventure inspired by the whimsical examples of Alexander Calder’s “Circus”. Shadow puppets, masks, costume props and mixed media sculpture.                               $150 all art supplies provided. 

the big egg project (trailer)

the big egg project is a zany, vaudevillian pop-up street performance designed to make you happy!

the three little javalinas

Hay Caramba presents a wacky bi-lingual performance of the three little pigs


Shadow puppet haiku by Diego, at Shadow Puppet Camp with Kathy Karbo and Sarah Ferguson, summer 2014. Trails End Art Association, Gearhart, OR

swim swim swim

An experimental short from Shadow Puppet Camp with Kathy Karbo and Sarah Ferguson, Summer 2014, Trail’s End Art Association, Gearhart, OR

Puppet Play 2014


Shadow Puppet Play at Astor Elementary  Astoria, OR   and Shadow Puppet Camp at Trails End Art Association   Gearhart OR   2014











photo 1

IMG_0750 - Version 2



4th of July parade // trails end art center Gearhart, OR



the big egg project rollin and strollin in the Gearhart 4th of July parade




the big egg project rolled in the Gearhart 4th of July parade, then on to the Trails End Art Center, where the egg cracked open and art materials spilled out for the local kids and their families to enjoy.

We had an eggcellent time!


kathy karbo and sarah ferguson / the big egg project work with local kids at the Trails End Art Center design and create painted paper magnets


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